Diverse Cabriolet Bowriders

The perfect hybrid for watersports and family boating.


Versatile Interior

Cleverly designed interiors feature on all three Tristram Cabriolet bowrider models. Double back-to-back seats, rear passenger seats and seating for four or more adults in the bow means two families of four can venture out for a day in comfort.

Stand out from the crowd

The Tristram Cabriolet bowrider range features Tristram’s distinct sharp and modern styling, complimented by carefully executed ergonomics for the passengers and skipper, who has the option to sit or stand to drive.

Blue Water Performance

Tristram’s deep-vee hull offers unbeatable performance and handling. Boating New Zealand Magazine have concluded the Tristram Cabriolet bowriders are smooth, dry running and excellent handlers in the rough.

Removable & Recessed Cockpit Carpet

Recessed & removable cockpit carpet is available, enabling you to leave your carpet at home for a day’s fishing. A non-skid fibreglass floor is standard, and SeaDek ‘teak-look’ flooring treatments are available also. If you were to fish with your carpet in place, you are able to remove it from the boat when you return home, and can hose the carpet off on the ground or over your clothesline. Your Tristram’s internals stays fresh which is important, given a boat gets locked up when not in use.

One-piece Moulded Internal Liner

Each Tristram’s foredeck, side decks, side pockets, floor, seats and dash are all one large article of moulded fibreglass, which creates a strong and easy to clean internal liner. Torsional strength (resistance to twisting) in a boat is very important, given a boat rides diagonally over waves. Tristram’s one-piece moulded internal liner ensures the boat remains rigid in even the roughest of seas.

Fibreglass Moulded Keel

Standard on all Tristrams, this performance enhancing & safety feature is in many ways very similar to the tail on an airplane, and assists in maintaining direction, enabling your Tristram to perform like it’s on ‘rails’ through tight turns, without losing traction. Each moulded keel is finished off with a full-length brass keel strip to protect your hull from boat ramp, rock and beach damage.

Class-leading Beam

Every model in the Tristram Range features class-leading beam, offering brilliant stability at rest. Your Tristram will remain stable while passengers move about the boat, and stability while underway is benefited also. Excellent cockpit space is gained from additional beam also, which is paramount if you’re taking out family and friends for a fish, dive or cruise.

Increased bow buoyancy

All bowriders in the Tristram Range share hulls with their cabin boat equivalents. This offers a perfectly designed buoyant bow shape, giving you an excellent dry ride in offshore weather conditions.

The World of Tristram

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