Unrivalled Offshore Hardtops

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for serious game and recreational fishing, diving and overnighting.

The Tristram 701 Offshore is another superbly built and impeccably finished offering with the ride and handling to confidently venture out wide.

We cruised from OBC to the Noises at 6am & got scallops then went to Kawau. Had a great load of fun swimming with seals then hit our Kingy spot. We are living the dream! Stoked with our 741 Offshore. Cut through the choppy conditions there and back no sweat!

Thanks to Kingsley from Tristram Marine for the delivery of our outstanding Tristram 851 Grandeur. The trip over from Auckland to Whitianga proved what an outstanding boat it is! Eating up rough chop at 55km was nothing to this boat.

Seriously soft riding… perfectly accurate… if you’re in the market for a decent-sized fishing & diving boat, this is simply a case of ‘why wouldn’t you’. The Tristram 741 Offshore rides like a dream, looks great & there’s space for Africa.

With the full-length keel, well-researched hull design, along with the relatively heavy displacement of the Tristram 881 Offshore, the ride is comfortable and gives you a strong sense of security.

The Tristram 741 Offshore has absolutely everything you need and more… it’s a fantastic package.  I may have found my new favourite boat.

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