The formidable Tristram 881 Offshore. A game fisherman’s dream.


    Unrivaled Offshore Hardtops. Designed and handcrafted in New Zealand.


    A partnership between two ground breaking brands.


Why Tristram?

Blue Water Performance

Tristram hulls have been designed for variable weather conditions and are renowned for their unique ability to provide unsurpassed comfort in changeable offshore conditions.

Precision Engineered / CAD Designs

Tristram is the only trailer boat manufacturer in NZ designing and testing all new models on CAD. Coupled with CNC Plug construction, this results in a perfectly accurate finished product.

Hull Performance & Protection

Each and every Tristram is equipped with a fibreglass moulded keel for hydro-traction and a brass keel strip to protect the keel of your boat in shallow water and on boat ramps.

Unrivaled Attention to Detail

Tristram Marine prides itself on its low reliance on sub-contractors. Every boat’s construction, mechanical engineering, upholstery and fit-out is completed in one state-of-the-art production facility, resulting in unrivaled quality control and attention to detail.

A Strong & Enduring Brand Name

Loyalty to the Tristram brand is largely driven by Tristram’s intrinsic mentality that considers the company’s brand name and customer network as its most important assets. Proud Tristram Owners love their boats, and enjoy dealing with an established, innovative, customer-focused and family business.

Passionate & Dedicated Support Team

Tristram Marine is full of talented and enthusiastic individuals who live for the Tristram Brand and it’s network of boat owners.  Tristram’s in-house Service Team are committed to making each and every owners’ time on the water as enjoyable as possible.

We cruised from OBC to the Noises at 6am & got scallops then went to Kawau. Had a great load of fun swimming with seals then hit our Kingy spot. We are living the dream! Stoked with our 741 Offshore. Cut through the choppy conditions there and back no sweat!

Peter Bruggeman
Peter BruggemanAuckland / 741 Offshore

We looked at all the competitors in Australia and they came up short on attention to detail and value for money. As soon as we got to New Zealand and walked into Tristram Marine we knew that they were the ones to build our new boat.

David & Liam Heeley
David & Liam HeeleySouth Australia / 741 Offshore

Thanks to Kingsley from Tristram Marine for the delivery of our outstanding 851. The trip over from Auckland to Whitianga proved what an outstanding boat it is! Eating up rough chop at 55km was nothing to this boat.

Rob Seiga
Rob SeigaWhitianga / 851 Grandeur

We now own our third Tristram and have been impressed with not only the build quality of our boats, but also the excellent service we have received from the team at Tristram Marine.

Morresey Family
Morresey FamilySouthland / 701 Vanquish

I like the quality of Tristram boats and think they’ve got the best finish on the market. With the features on this boat I’ve also got everything I need in a mid-sized trailer boat.

Bruce Macefield
Bruce MacefieldAuckland / 641 Offshore

Seriously soft riding… perfectly accurate… if you’re in the market for a decent-sized fishing and diving boat, this is simply a case of ‘why wouldn’t you?’. A superbly built and impeccably finished offering with the ride and handling to confidently venture out wide.

Boating New Zealand Magazine
Boating New Zealand Magazine

I’ve owned my Tristram 641 since 1999 and love it to bits. I have no regrets choosing the superior design & build of a Tristram boat and have felt part of the extended Fink Family from then to this day. Special people and an amazing business.

Doug Hanna
Doug HannaAuckland