Boat Name Requirements on Lake Taupo

Did you know that on Lake Taupo there are boat name size and position requirements that must be met to comply with Department of Internal Affairs regulations? Here are the things you need to know…

  • Powerboats 4m and over, and non-powered boats 6m and over must display a boat name or similar identifying mark:
    • on both sides of the hull
    • above the waterline
    • clearly legible
    • all characters at least 90mm in height
    • cannot be the brand/make/model

For further information on Lake Taupo’s rules & regulations including:

  • Navigational charts
  • Boat speeds & wake
  • Buoys
  • Minimum age of operators
  • PWC / jet skis
  • Ski tow areas / access lanes


tristram boat names

Tristram Marine Boat Name examples