• Open Tournament - Day 4 Update

    49 Striped Marlin have been tagged and released!

Today marks halfway in the 2022 Tristram Marine Open Tournament at the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club. The weather has been magic and a phenomenal 49 Striped Marlin have been tagged and released! Results to the end of Day 4 are below and some epic footage is attached from this year’s teams.
Striped Marlin: 49 T/R cards received with checked gear

Blue Marlin: Heaviest 233.8kg
Shortbill Spearfish – Heaviest 12.6kg
Mahimahi – 1st 8.07kg, 2nd 7.95kg, 3rd 7.5kg
Albacore – (ultralight) 1st 1.3kg
Albacore – (open) 1st 12.77kg, 2nd 11.26kg, 3rd 11.25kg
Skipjack – (ultralight) 1st 2.71kg
Skipjack – (light) 1st 1.52kg, 2nd 1.42kg
Kingfish – 1st 11.82kg, 2nd 10.69kg, 3rd 10.59kg
Trevally – (ultralight) 1st 2.08kg, 2nd 2.01kg, 3rd 1.71kg
Trevally – (light) 1st 1.88kg, 2nd 1.67kg, 3rd 1.53kg
Snapper – (ultralight) 1st 4.07kg, 2nd 2.81kg, 3rd 2.14kg
Snapper – (light) 1st 4.88kg, 2nd 4.69kg, 3rd 2.38kg
Snapper – (open) 1st 6.72kg, 2nd 5.01kg, 3rd 5.0kg
Kahawai – (ultralight) 1st 2.25kg, 2nd 2.14kg, 3rd 2.11kg
Kahawai – (light) 1st 2.12kg, 2nd 2.0kg, 3rd 1.94kg
If you’re fishing in the Nationals please don’t forget to get your catch cards into the weigh station within 36 hours. Should you have any queries please contact the team at MBGFC on 07-866-4121 or [email protected]

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