Tristram 821 Offshore – ‘No. 1’

Twin Outboard 821 Offshore ‘No. 1’ has been handed over to it’s owners who have recently progressed up from a Tristram 741 Offshore.

The owners of ‘No. 1’ have selected the option of Mercury’s Joystick Piloting (JPO) which offers 360 degree control to move sideways, diagonally or to spin on the boat’s own axis. Skyhook digital anchoring is also featured which uses GPS technology to maintain the boat’s position and heading for fishing.

Just some of the other notable features on this boat include:

  • Built-in 70l live bait tank with acrylic front and top
  • Cabin windows for monitoring surroundings overnight
  • Class-leading 2.78m beam offering brilliant cockpit space and buoyancy/stability
  • Cockpit-located pull-out galley with full head room and 360 degree exterior vision. Cooking smells, gas and fridge noises are free from the cabin for a fresh and quiet overnighting experience
  • Full length brass keel strip
  • Game poles – Ocean Blue
  • Hardtop hatches for natural cabin light, airflow and bird work-up spotting
  • One-piece moulded internal liner for tortional strength & rigidity plus ease of cleaning
  • Port side configurable seating layout, forward and rear facing or face to face
  • Recessed ceiling fore-aft mounted stainless steel grab rail
  • Simrad glass helm with autopilot and Halo radar
  • Underfloor rod storage lockers
  • Wide side decks for ease of access to the foredeck