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Big Angry Fish Season 6 Ep13

SN6 EP13: KAYAK FISHING Kayaking is normally done with a paddle – but both Milan and Nathan get towed around! It’s wintertime at Great Barrier Island and the shallows are full of snapper. Milan and Nathan have taken their kayaks onboard the mothership Savoy, and are all setup to nail some good fish. Both end […]

Big Angry Fish Season 6 Ep12

SN6 EP12: RANGIPUTA HARBOUR Milan and Nathan get harassed by a huge shark, so Nathan volunteers to fight back. A nice and quiet day in the harbour gets disturbed by an unwanted visitor. All Milan and Nathan want is to catch a nice kingfish or two, but something hungry with massive big teeth steals their […]

Big Angry Fish Season 6 Ep11

SN6 EP11: VANUATU REEFS Milan and Nathan are chasing big angry fish in Vanuatu – and they get a real run for their money. Milan and Nathan are in Vanuatu fishing for giant trevally and big dogtooth tuna. With 40 degrees, high humidity and not a breath of wind, it’s hard work casting all day […]