Yamaha Produces 10 Millionth Outboard

Tristram Marine Service


In April 2013, Yamaha Motor’s outboard motor business achieved a historic milestone when cumulative production reached the 10 million unit mark.


It has been 53 years since the company launched its first outboard motor, the “P-7” (7 hp) in July 1960. Since then, Yamaha has gone on to supply its growing line of outboards to markets in over 180 countries and territories worldwide with the aim of becoming the industry’s leading company and contributing to a more fulfilling marine life for people around the world.


Today’s Yamaha outboard motor lineup is comprised of models ranging from 2 hp up to 350 hp, all designed to share the same basic Yamaha ideals of light weight, compactness, reliability and durability. What’s more, the comprehensive lineup features fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly 4-stroke models as well as highly durable commercial-use Enduro models, with both types seeing use in  numerous ways in markets around the world.


It goes without saying that Yamaha outboard motors would never have reached this 10 million mark in production without the know-how gained from taking on the tough conditions of commercial-use markets in the developing nations and the strength of Yamaha Motor’s product development and engineering capabilities.


But, we must not forget the equally important part played by the service, spare parts supply and other systems built with the cooperation of our distributors and dealerships and the consistently high levels of customer satisfaction they have won.